The Clouds

LOCATION : Grand Kemang Hotel
YEAR : 2016

When the world was created, everything was well-arranged and it was based on a norm so everything in the universe will be balance and harmonious.

The increasing of our population and human needs caused an overused of our natural resource capacities, and these create the imbalance of our ecosystem. We no longer have the respect of our nature because of our selfishness and greediness, we have replaced our natural resources with chemical technology and we exploit it too much. The natural imbalance increases the global warming. The air is getting hotter and more polluted. The rain turns to blood, the white sky turns red which reflect the anger of our nature.

This installation was made of synthetic material , which we compile abstractly like a red sky, reflecting the anger of our nature that long for its harmonious as it used to be; which was the harmony of our nature that is not affected by human selfishness which creates the balance between humans and nature.

The Cloud's installation is my social criticism toward human behavior and the condition of the earth now.