Bravacasa 2016
No Boundaries - Dream of Space

YEAR : 2016

When nature created, everything has been aranged by a norm that can maintained equilibrium and harmony.

Increasing global warming that cause land to split and rapidly growing population makes natural resources shrink faster increasing its value and levels of humans egoism & greedness. The difference of Ideology and beliefs of people, brought disorder to the natural harmony of life. Displacement and high breakout of people population created boundaries that made humans to defend their territoy, even they have to destroy each other to become the authority. Natural laws of life, that human rights are the same for all , have been forgotten. 

Paradoxically, the technology has moved in opposite direction,                 it removes the constrains & boundaries that were created. Communication, transaction, trade, and anything can be done in conjunction with any part of the world face to face in the same time. The exchange of information is not restricted, causing further erosion of the character of the locality and created a new style of globalization. Lounge became boundless.

The dualism of "space" that we perceive here , creates the human longing for harmony as it was originally. The harmony of nature that isnot limited by human egoism, which flows from place to place without any obstacle, their lives can be changed at will, following their naturan instinct, without knowing who the owner is, free and bounderless, like a life in the oceans, that becomes dreams nowadays.

Installation beauty of natural life in our dreams, which we created as a paradox from synthetic material using modular system and latest technologies brings to life a space that almost ormay no longer exist.