Vico Magistretti - A Traveling Archive

YEAR : 2016

Vico Magistretti (1920-2006), an Italian Architect Maestro, in my opinion has a strong characters with clear silhouette and outlines lining that reflected through his modern and simple design. It can be seen in his architecture works, such as The Office Block in Corso Europa, Milan, Italy (1955-1957), Arosio House in Arenzano, Italy (1956-1959), Tower in Piazzale Aquileia, Milan, Italy (1961-1964), and Cusano Milanino Town Hall in Milan, Italy (1966-1969). And as a product designer, he also apply his strong architectural character into his product designs, such as Eclisse Lamp from Artemide (1967), Selene Chair from Artemide (1968), Dalù Lamp from Artermide (1969), Maralunga Sofa from Cassina (1973), and Atollo Lamp from Oluce (1979).

When Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Jakarta asked me to curate this exhibition, it becomes an honor and yet challenging for me to introduce more of Vico Magistretti into Indonesian society. Therefore I took the essence of his strong characters as the concept for this installation. The simplicity and silhouette of his concepts and design sketches, that become a legacy, piled up into one layer to create the impression of 3D in a 2D space. Combined  with the plastic grid form of pipe in white dominant color create an abstract and modern space emphasized powerful impression of his strong characters.

This Installation is divided into 2 sections. One is a replicate of his studio but in more abstract interpretation. I tried to emphasize his strong character through print out layers of monochrome concept & sketches of his architecture works from the beginning until the end of his carrier, that's complied in timeline concept, so people can recognize his works in easier ways. On the other side of studio, is a place for displaying his product designs that is also arranged accordingly by years.

The Travelling Archive of Magistretti's studio, which is being exhibit many times, is being translate into different way for Jakarta exhibition. It becomes contemporary "new statement" of Vico Magistretti. I hope this art installation will giving a new point of view and more deep understanding of The Great Maestro, Vico Magistretti, to the Indonesian public and rest of the world.