Stadion BMW

TYPE : Commercial
LOCATION : Sunter, Jakarta Utara
YEAR : 2009
SITE AREA : 100,000 m2
BUILD AREA : 80,000 m2

A burning passion became the analogy of the stadium design. This reflected in fire often used as a solidarity symbol in many sports competitions such as the Olympics. Cosmas translated the movement of the flame to unsymmetrical architectural form of the building’s roof height on each wing on accordance to tribune area. From a distance, the roof looked like ten burning flames. Cosmas used cooper as material. “Cooper reflects lights and strengthens the effect of the dynamic flames.” He stated.

The sportsmanship spirit is tied in a circle-like shape symbolizing friendship. The cultural elements were presented in the form of Mega Mendung batik pattern as Cirebon characteristic on the façade and Minangkabau arch house on the main bridge. While coconut flowers from ondel-ondel (Indonesian large folk puppet) headdresses were cast in a series of structural steel poles as an addition for the circular fastening ring binding the stadium.

If we take a good attention to the burning fire, the flame would be seen as if it was floating from the fire base. The stadium was intended to be built based on this natural phenomenon. To be able to create a building 17m above the ground, Cosmas used ten pieces of steel legs stands in the construction. As a result, people were still able to take a walk or simply sprawl, play games, or even chat in the park, while the game supporters were well-accommmodated in the floating stadium without interfering with the park below. The game spectators would be able to feel a  different sensation of watching their favorite sports games from 17m high above the ground. The audience in the tribune could also enjoy the beautiful panorama of Sunter Lake that was commonly used as a water skiing race.