Sekolah Puri Cinere

TYPE : Commercial
LOCATION : Cinere, Depok
YEAR : 2010
SITE AREA : 2,004 m2
BUILD AREA : 6,112 m2

Fireflies emit light in the darkness has become an appropriate metaphor for the world of children’s education. Cosmas D. Gozali was inspired by philosophy of fireflies with charming light when developing the concept of school building for kindergarten, elementary, and secondary school in Cinere area, South Jakarta. “

To support the comfortable atmosphere of teaching and learning, the building design atmosphere of teaching and learning, the building design was made based on the environmental friendly principles. The application was by using the double ksin façade construction in order to reduce the heat from outside. He used the material from steel frames combined with terracotta.

From beyond the terracotta, the light was being played. At night, this square building is transformed into a c ollection of fireflies that illuminate the light through the gap in terracotta. The frame structure of steels were supporting the terracotta, shaping beautiful geometric forms  from outside. Meanwhile, during the day time, lined terracotta has a role to control the path of light that brightens the classrooms.