Rumah Sakit Jakarta Selatan

TYPE : Commercial
LOCATION : Harsono RM, Jakarta Selatan
YEAR : 2011
SITE AREA : 25,087 m2
BUILD AREA : 40,832 m2

Instead of designing a hospital with all common inherent characteristic, Cosmas designed a unique and unexpected shape of hospital building. If usually the hospital buildings are constructed with the rectangular shape and with massive solid impression, this building on the other hand accentuates indentation with its shape that looks similar to three eggs. “Inspired by the shape of an egg which symbolizes the beginning of life, these three eggs represent the life cycle that consists of three phases – birth, life, and death,” Cosmas commented.


Primary function of the smallest egg building is for public purpose such as lobby, information, administration, and waiting room. The second egg was planned for surgery room, laboratory, inpatient ward, ICU. Meanwhile, the third egg has a function for common rooms such as, morgue, funeral parlor, autopsy room, and also more inpatient wards, laboratory, and nursery room.


Those three ‘eggs’ buildings do not stand apart literally. Their existence is tied up with bridges and podium that unite all of them. The podium is placed on the second to fourth floor. Comes with sharp angular, the podium gives different ambience for those three main hospital buildings.