Waiting Room of Visa Pavilion

TYPE : Office
LOCATION : Jakarta Pusat
YEAR : 2010
SITE AREA : 200 m2

The building is designed with consideration of existing conditions. Organic and free form shapes are made to compensate for static form on existing buildings, So as to create a balance between Yin and Yang of overall building mass. Flexibility between static form, reflects the characteristics of the Swiss society, organized, neat but very flexible and humanity. The concept of Green Architecture widely applied in this building. Building level is uplifted from the ground, so that the presence of new buildings will not damage the existing landscape. The existing palm trees also retained and well integrated into building designs by entering it into the building, in addition to bringing green elements to the building also serves natural light into the building.

The position of new building is placed near with the existing building to simplify the connectivity between the two buildings. The pond that was originally only used as a water reservoir, but now can be maximized by making large openings view straight-looking to the pond, so it can produce natural air and daylight. The building uses steel structure with a recycle pressed wood panels as its skin. The use of high technology materials reflect the attitude of Swiss society that is very eager to technology. The simplicity of building shapes is applied also in the Interior. Clean look, simple and informative.