Swiss Visa Pavillion

TYPE : Office
LOCATION : Jakarta Pusat
YEAR : 2011
SITE AREA : 500 m2

The building is located behind the Swiss embassy in Jakarta, which is a beautiful green area with quiet lawns and large trees. Not wanting to spoil the beauty of the landscape there, the building was made like a mound raised, thus creating a space between the grass. This building took the philosophy of the most famous mountains in the Swiss, The Alps. The entrance canopy is also an adaptation from the famous ski areas in Switzerland. The building also stands on the shallow box foundation to protect the existing functionalities and green areas.

For interior, it is made integrated with the landscape, by incorporating the outside landscape elements to the inside of the building. Large openings and balconies make the reception area merges with the outside area. Openings and skylights not only serves natural light and air, but also emphasize the unity of the outer and inner space. The interior is also made with a combination of Swiss and Indonesian culture. Indonesian elements such as "batik" and "tenun ikat" translated in terracotta craft, compiled by Swiss atmosphere that is clean, simple, firm but informative.