Avrist Building

TYPE : Office
LOCATION : Jakarta Selatan
YEAR : 2012

The insurance company which is located in Tebet, is an office with eight floors. The concept is inspired from the shape of the tree. Large trees that grow stronger, rooted, and shade the surrounding environment is analogous to an insurance company that is engaged in services that serve the needs of its customers. Insurance rooted and grow like a great tree that can be trusted for millions of customers.

The tree form is translated through the irregular composition mass which creates the effect of a dynamic and growing, such as growing companies to serve. The entrance is designed to create  the ambiance of friendly, ready to serve and open, inviting anyone to enter.

Modern materials combined with local materials to describe the progressive corporate image and move  but also not forgetting their origins. These materials also serve as the secondary skin that can reduce the heat from sunlight. The gardens in the building, including the roof garden on the terrace or balcony, in addition to become a place for relaxation also helps reduce temperature.