Hotel At Soekarno Hatta

TYPE : Commercial
LOCATION : Tangerang
SITE AREA : 11,551 m2

Located on the edge of the highway to the airport which is the path of high speed-vehicle, create an inspiration for the design of this hotel. The energy from the high speed of passing vehicles on the highway produce the five-storey building with a colorful mass composition which are overlapped each other. The car that drove at high speed will leave the colorful flashlines lights at night. This is what inspires the mass composition and color selection of the building.

The entire ground floor is intended for lobby and retail facilities, while the rest of the land is used for parking and landscape. Landscape also put inside the area by creating a void at the top floor which is connected to the ground floor.

Some of retails are still on the first floor. On this floor, there is also a roof garden which is located among the masses that contain hotel rooms.

Selection of modern materials such as Aluminum Composite Panel on the facade in addition to reduce heat as well as also easy to maintain, so that the building will be energy-efficient.