TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Sunter, Jakarta Utara
YEAR : 2007-2008
SITE AREA : 250 m2
BUILD AREA : 600 m2

The house has an interesting story in Feng Shui concept and located in Sunter, a flooded-prone location. This is a common phenomenon since Sunter is located in the north Jakarta and in close proximity to he seaside. Considering the big flood which always hits Jakarta (once in 5 years), the ground floor level of this house is elevated 1.5 meters above the road.

The site area is only 10mx25m, common size of a house. But it has strict and complex Feng Shui concept in it. The placement of the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, and the other rooms were adjusted towards the pre-determined opening direction.

This house facade is very contemporary, indicated by the geometric shape. Because of the brilliant facade design, the strict Feng Shui  elements that are applied inside and outside of the house are barely felt. The facade is also applied with orange accent to create a beautiful harmony with the sky color of blue. In addition, orange is able to make a contrast difference with the surrounding houses nearby.