TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
YEAR : 2006-2008
SITE AREA : 1,496 m2
BUILD AREA : 780 m2

The integration of western and local culture was the main concept of the house. Balancing the architectural tastes became an important point for Cosmas. That was why the original local elements must not dominate the house, as the owner would have their own taste of their original culture.

Integration of two cultures lies in the combination of materials and shapes. Horizontal lines from the colonial wall continue to form a line on the walls of the new building, so the old and the new house fell like a cohesive mass.

From inside the room. Frangipani tree is visible. Bali atmosphere when dining by the beach or paddy field side is duplicated in this place. This atmosphere is extremely felt when watching the luminescence soft light from the morning sun pierce through the glass, and make the tree shadows on the floor or on the plain white wall.

"This is about fusion, just like cooking that needs the most precise composition of seasonings." –Cosmas Gozali