TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Cipete, South Jakarta
YEAR : 2006-2008
SITE AREA : 800 m2
BUILD AREA : 500 m2

Located in Cipete, South Jakarta , a house was built in an uneven densely populated settlement. Narrow road access and traffic congestion frequently occur from before until office hours. It becomes a critical issues for the residents living here, especially the house's owners.

Cosmas had a role here in developing an architectural design of the house that was able to overcome these complex problems, that both came from the environment and residents. After all, architecture is not only talking about beauty but also harmony.

These problems did not eliminate Cosmas' idealism when planning for the design of SK Residence, which name was derived from the abbreviation of the owner's name. Therefore, these highly complex problems in the area became the main reason for him to make a concept of urban resort house.

According to Cosmas, embodiment of urban is a reaction on narrow roads in densely populated settlement in the city. The resort style was born because the site had a beautiful view from the contoured ground towards the rear and bushy tress.

These two themes were the main concept of the SK Residence, the combination of natural elements and urban style, and brought the sense of harmoniously complementing each other in this contemporary house with the Indonesian culture ambience.