TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
YEAR : 2007-2010
SITE AREA : 250 m2
BUILD AREA : 450 m2

Home owners are active young working couple. For them, a house is not only a place for shelter and sleep, but it should also provide an atmosphere like during holidays. With this in mind, Cosmas decided to translate some elements of Balinese Architecture into this modern contemporary residence.

Folding and sliding glass doors are widely used at the entrance area in order to resemble the function of ‘wantilan’ (meeting room). In Balinese architecture, the house has no boundary to the outdoor nature. With this approach, Cosmas tried to combine outdoor space into the inner room with a very minimal barrier. At the end, an interior similar to holiday villa image is created in the middle of the city.

Sanctuary house also offers a message to counterbalance people’s tendency not to forget nature with their cosmopolitan behavior of spending more time at the office or malls.

"This is sanctuary, filled with ample natural elements."  - Cosmas Gozali