Origami House

TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Mulyasari, Bandung
YEAR : 1999-2000
SITE AREA : 1,000 m2
BUILD AREA : 400 m2

Protrusions, shifts, and the discharge of planes were made to create full form of creativity. It was resembled as origami, folding paper craft from Japan. Since the unique form resembled folding paper, Cosmas named it Origami House.

Blue and silver were chosen to give the impression of millennium on some portions of the room walls. The orange color was also used to generate a little bit warm atmosphere.

This work also became a symbol of Yin Yang that was described as masculine and feminine. Yang was formed of a much checkered building mass, while Yin, was the landscape to create the harmony and at the same time lead the way to the main entrance.

"This house is very mathematical." -  Cosmas Gozali