TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Kosambi, Jakata Barat
YEAR : 2002-2004
SITE AREA : 120 m2
BUILD AREA : 220 m2

Why white box? Because this house has a square face with symmetrical geometric shape, and filled with lines and box protrusions for sun shading. The walls of the façade are covered with hollow framed polycarbonate panels that perforated with lights inside.

The interior is very dominant with white color, although some parts of the flooring use black color as an accent to reduce the monotone look. Furthermore, natural factors which are important for the occupants’ health are maximized. The back wall is shifted 75 cm from the border so it would be detached from the neighbors’ wall; air and light are still able to flow into the house.

In the middle of the garden, there is a water feature flowing up and down. In this open area many kind of materials area applied with a strong impression of industrialization, such as wire mesh and folded steel plates. In addition, aluminum window is applied for replacement of wood because it is considered more durable.