TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Kawasan Berikat Nusantara, Marunda
YEAR : 2007-2009
SITE AREA : 5,000 m2
BUILD AREA : 300 m2

"The company is active in the field of shipping and ports. The shipping industry is growing fast; therefore, futuristic is suitable for a design orientation in the future. From a distance, the building also resembles a flying Spaceship. That crossed my mind as the UFO, and surely the building will be easily recognizable," said Cosmas.

The wind in this area is very strong as we get into the estate of KCN Marunda in the coastal areas, and is like being on a Spaceship. Landscape of chunky stones and heavy trees are arranged in a geometric shape appear like a circle of crop to cool down the surrounding.

"Although this design has no Indonesian character explicitly, but this is the work of Indonesian young professional. We should se it from that point of view because this world always evolves globally. That was Yori’s statement, who really loves Indnesian culture, since modern development is a part of Indonesia’s cultural development," Cosmas Said.