Ganesha House

TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Ubud, Bali
YEAR : 1999-2000
SITE AREA : 10,000 m2

This resort house consisted of several buildings separated by gardens and paths. Once passing the entrance, visitors were greeted by a building functioned as the front office and security. Not far behind it, there was  a building functioned as the services area for the compound.

On the right side of the site, a large rectangular building functioned as wantilan. In accordance with its functions, it had no walls and resembles a stage, commonly used as a meeting space and performing Balinese community cockfighting. In this villa, wantilan was used as an asembly sapce and to do other events.

Children house and guest house located at the central area and could be easily accessed. Two halls adjoining the children house were utilized as dining and gathering area. In order to always maintain privacy, the main house was constructed at the inner side of the land, so its existence was protected by the buildings of the other houses. In the far corner of the site was the swimming pool area.