TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Cideng, Central Jakarta
YEAR : 2007-2010
SITE AREA : 150 m2
BUILD AREA : 300 m2

Situated in Cideng, this urban dwelling stands - among a densely populated area in Central Jakarta - on a very narrow site measuring approximately 11.7m x 12.2m. The residents spatial needs are extensive and the site is located at the end of roads junction, commonly known as "tusuk sate" in Indonesian term.

When conceptualizing this house, Cosmas envisioned of a hallway where typical modern style houses lining up. All the facades, though plain, had at least different color accent on each wall. Red and Green colors were accompained with white as neutral interlude in between.

The "tusuk sate" type of position is normally considered negative point for a house. To solve the problem, the architects applied Feng Shui concept. it requires the three spaces on the first floor to be split apart, composing two twin spaces at the right and the left. This composition imaginatively influences the shape of the facade with twin white boxes.