TYPE : Interior
LOCATION : Otista, Jakarta Timur
YEAR : 2012
SITE AREA : 303 m2

"The main concept here is to connect odors with colors," Cosmas stated.

Salon area is utilized to test shampoo products, which is considered more related to woman. Cosmas filtered this impression and applied feminine and exotic touches through the bold red color on the wall. The series of shampooing seats are positioned in the middle of the space as a center of activities in this room.

Laundry area, which is related to detergent and softener, was interpreted to be a fresh area by Cosmas. The kind of freshness he chose was the freshness of lemons, with yellow as the main color. This color would remind us with the smell of newly washed clothes taken out from the washing machine.

Open, but still maintained the privacy. This was the main concept of Cosmas for the meeting room. Cosmas presented an open concept through transparent glass partition. This concept encourages an open working atmosphere as this allows people to see activities inside the meeting room and vice versa. However, privacy can still be well-maintained when required since the glass partitions could be closed.