TYPE : Interior
LOCATION : Permata Hijau, Jakarta Barat
YEAR : 2008-2009
SITE AREA : 250 m2

The design of the apartment located in West Jakarta was the integration of two apartment units, which were 2-bedroom apartment and a 3-bedroom apartment. The integration of those two units formed a 250 sqm of the total space area.

Covered with mirrors, the walls in the living room provide a relaxing space yet giving benefits of the view from the window behind them. Further optimizing the design, Cosmas made a move and shifted the bedroom door which was located behind the living room and replaced the door with a mirror so it appeared as a single panel along with the others. “Mirror panels which are exposed on the wall and placed all the way to the ceiling present a visual impression of flying space,” Cosmas added.

The color concept started from the combination of existing color with new colors. Fortunately, the owner and Cosmas had same favorite color, white. “white is simple yet classy,” said Cosmas. The selected white from cosmas for this apartment was not the boring white. It was milk white, combined with light grey and yellow white. Light white was also presented from Armani-style furniture that was custom made with high detail and high quality process of making.