Capsule of Hope

TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Calais, France
YEAR : 2016
SITE AREA : 10,000 m2
BUILD AREA : 2,242 m2

Site is located in Calais, France, which has become camps for refugees from the Middle East. The Site oriented towards the Southeast to obtain maximum solar heat from the South and also refers to the direction of Qibla in the Southeast.

The Concept of Arab settlements with mass orientation toward Courtyard creating an emotional connection of the refugees with their abandoned origin country while they are adapting to a new environment.

The Site divided to four zones : Central Zone, Mother-child and Women Zone, Men Zone, and Family Zone. The concept of decentralization with public  facilities in each zone become communal space that combined with green  spaces, create a “village” for socializing and restart living.

Utilization of solar panels as an alternative energy, disposal management into compost and handicrafts, reuse of rain water for farming, until the process of manufacture and installation of the unit became an important part in creating sustainable and environmental-friendly area.

The Units made from compacted hay and combined with FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic), are modular-designed by fabrication system to facilitate the transport of materials. Containers, which are carrying unit’s component, also utilized back into public facilities to reduce the CO2 footprint. Clipping system as joint between components is used to simplify the installation so that it can be done directly by the refugees to increase the responsibility and ownership of the unit.

The Usage of bags contains soil from site location and acts as insulation also as growing media. Vegetable gardens can be planted on the units so that the refugees can be more pro-active and didn’t rely entirely on Government supply.