Kenten City

TYPE : Urban Planning
LOCATION : Palembang, Sumatera Selatan
YEAR : 2011
SITE AREA : 1,100,000 m2

Along with the rapid growth in all sectors,  Cosmas emphasized that Palembang needs to have a satellite city. Not just a regular satellite city, but the one with international standard that will meet the needs of the larger population who move to the bigger city to earn their living- reluctant to go back to their smaller town, adding density in the city – and causeuneven population spread for the bigger city like Palembang.

Nature is something that often neglected during the development of modern city. Cosmas clearly wants to avoid this negative trend. Therefore, the insertion of water and greenery things dominate Kenten City area.

Water element is added in several clusters, soil is excavated then water flow is created, artificial river is established. They all bring a more tranquil atmosphere and clearer air to this middle class residential development.