Denpasar Residence

TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Kuningan, Jakarta
YEAR : 2012
SITE AREA : 700 m2
BUILD AREA : 974 m2

The concept of this residence is the combination of Traditional Javanese house with a modern look. The combination of the terrace, courtyard, pool and landscaping come together and make this residence as an oasis in the middle of the dense areas with the high rise buildings. "Pendopo" (pavillion in a traditional Javanese house) concept applied to mass building composition that split into several blocks and connected with the corridor so  this residence appeared not too massive. The use of secondary skin system to reduce the heat that goes into the building, that will save the used of air conditioning combined with the amount of open space, large openings, cross ventilation, and the use of local materials make this residential are environmentally friendly and in line with the concept of sustainability. Even with very contemporary and modern element, this residence enrich the values of Indonesia's locality that create a rich harmony in design.