Balikpapan Residence

TYPE : Residential
LOCATION : Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur
YEAR : 2014
SITE AREA : 1,734 m2
BUILD AREA : 900 m2

"A work of architecture which are regional-oriented should not only be taken from the local architecture or the traditional House of certain areas, but the most important is the soul of the culture from its area itself." - Arch. Dipl. Ing. Cosmas D. Gozali, IAI -

Telawang, protector shield of the Dayak tribe, becomes the inspiration for the main concept of this house. It functions as a protective tool, likes the roofs overshadowing the occupant of the house.

The configuration of the horizontal shields which are overlap, as if hovering, and bind each other create a combination of straight and bend lines that are translated to the more dynamic, contemporary and futuristic form.